Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Fisco believes business should be about making money and helping people. We will respect people and the environment throughout our work. Our aim is to always develop. First of all developing our business while improving general health and happiness, the environment and addressing the needs of people now and in the future.


Part of our everyday work is to try to make sure that we are following this policy. As a result, if we find that we are not, it is very important that we make changes and communicate openly and honestly about our performance. Overall responsibility rests with the Managing Director.





  • Identify and measure the effect we have on the environment at our offices and similarly our customers’ offices/factories.
  • Work to minimise the effect we have on the environment, above all our carbon footprint, general use of resources and waste.

(Our environmental policy provides more detail on these principles)




  • Fisco wants equal opportunity for all employees regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, age, marital status or sexual orientation.
  • We provide the highest levels of health and safety. This includes thinking about the pressures of work and the possible impact on the health of our employees.
  • Fisco will fairly reward and give the chance for development to employees
  • Fisco ensures a respectful work place free from harassment, in which employees are encouraged to speak openly. Our businesses will implement a grievance procedure for employees.

(Our employment policies provide more details on these principles)




  • Fisco makes a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate while aiming to be a responsible neighbour.
  • Our businesses will decide their local community investments. Nationally the main areas supported will be youth and education, arts and culture and health and welfare.
  • Fisco will not make political or sectarian donations except through contributions to associations that include campaigning among their activities.
  • We will look without bias at proposals from employees for volunteering activities and for matching personal charitable contributions.


Human Rights


  • Fisco follows the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s core labour standards.
  • Fisco supports the human rights of our employees, including freedom of association and the right to organise, of their families, and all those with whom we are directly involved. We will not tolerate forced or exploitative child labour.

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