What We Do

What We Do

We offer an obligation free, no charge, “Health Check” in which we assess and compare your current costs and scope of service against best practice. The benchmarking exercise looks at three facets:

Value for Money
(Price v Service Standards)
Regulatory Compliance
(Health & Safety)
Controls & Monitoring

FISco is able to “fast track” both the benchmarking and implementation of savings from a unique bespoke database, which is more accurate and lower in unit pricing than any published data available anywhere in the world. Thereafter, we have years of experience in negotiating and re-engineering services to achieve your savings and service improvements quickly.
Once we’ve procured the services at the right price we also help you manage the services in two distinct forms of relationship:


The majority of FISco’s contracts are Co-sourced. Co-sourcing is where the Customer retains their own on site staff and FISco adds:

  • Commercial expertise in supplier contracts and specifications of service, ensuring that our Customer is protected in regard to liabilities and obligations and that the supplier is performance managed through agreed Service Level Agreements
  • Systems and monitoring where all variable and reactive requests are monitored from start to finish in real time. Our 24/7 national help desk handles every event and costs are checked before being submitted to our Customer for authorisation. Nothing can be spent without Client approval, so Client control is still maintained.
  • Automated scheduling of health & safety servicing and testing so all compliance obligations are met. We also upload documents into Taskye, so you will always have a copy to prove you are compliant.
  • Performance monitoring of FISco and its suppliers. As a Customer you will see the status of events and finances in real time and you will have regular performance meetings with our management team. We in turn, hold performance reviews with our approved suppliers and proactively tackle trend analysis to look at route causes.
  • Technical management support is on hand to give advice and solutions in M&E, multifunctional devices, vehicle fleet, etc. Our Technical Managers give unbiased advice and submit businesses cases with options in solutions to resolve technical problems.
  • The partnership principle is adopted, where Client and FISco work with each other to monitor sites and achieve best practice.


The traditional approach to facilities management, where the Client’s non-core service staff are transferred to and employed by the supplier. All the benefits of Co-sourcing from FISco still apply.

Guaranteed Savings

Using our free health check, on a like for like basis we commercially guarantee to make you DOUBLE DIGIT savings against your annualised current costs. We don’t charge a management fee but make margin out of additional savings, once our Customer has received their savings. In addition, we give you free monitoring software and technical support.

Let us help find what you need.