Services and Products

Services and Products

The FISco Triangle demonstrates the scale and scope of services that our company can procure, manage and deliver. From specialised, technical and white collar disciplines to the blue collar activities that also form a vital part to support the workplace.

The FISco Triangle is a menu of services from which you can pick and choose within any service, or product in the Facilities Toolkit, Integrated Product Supply and the Technology and Property Toolkits. We can work together to “tailor make” a bespoke strategy that can be a staged approach controlling change, managing risk and demonstrating best value and practice along the journey.

We are experienced in all types of industry sectors across the whole of the United Kingdom, from the professions, manufacturing, retail, distribution and logistics to healthcare. Our list of blue chip Clients is impressive and growing at a fast pace by reputation.

We are the “one stop shop”, for all your workplace service requirements where one email address, or phone number, can deal with a multitude of non-core services and products. Our vision is to make a Customer request to completion and as convenient and cost effective as possible for the end user”.

Let us help find what you need.