How We Help You

How We Help You

Our “one stop” knowledge library provides important benchmarking and best practise information, which has been built over many years and helps us to compare every aspect of our Customer’s services against the best indicators in our industry sector. Our data is regularly updated and keeps abreast of new technology and market trends.

Service Intellect

Service Intellect is the in-depth knowledge of how services are delivered and how to build costs bottom up, not top down, just like a supplier does. If we can quote like a supplier we know what it should cost against an agreed specification. Our experience in direct delivery means we know the “tricks of the trade” and how to monitor supplier performance.

With Service Intellect we have two significant advantages: First, our internal benchmarking database is lower in average costs than any published cost index, without adversely affecting quality of service. Consequently, our Customers receive best value. Second, our “Service Champions” and network in monitoring trends and applications enables us to determine “best practise and value” in our market place and how this can be appropriately applied to our Customer’s operations. Our Service Intellect allows us to re-engineer services into best value and best practice quickly through a tied and tested “fast track” set of processes.


We are a technology led business, with our own software systems (Taskye) and programmers, so our systems measures everything we do for you. We provide you with real time data that will show you detailed management control using micro management techniques and relevant instant information. The data is invaluable in quantifying and qualifying performance and assisting us in trend analysis. It also allows us to report on waste recycling volumes and types and energy usage which is important to our Customers.

Our systems are web enabled with free unlimited licences to our Clients and are very user friendly, taking twenty minutes in which to start using the software productively.

Elite Award Winning Team

At the core of our business is an elite team of highly driven and focused Managers who own the business and can make decisions quickly. Our complementary knowledge and experience are the essential ingredients to sourcing the right pragmatic solutions for our Customers. We call our team capability “Service Intellect” which we explain on the “How We Help You” tab.

Supply Chain Management

We use an approved supplier process to ensure that insurances and health & safety procedures are in place and regularly reviewed. We frequently meet and performance manage our suppliers to keep them aware of their standing, to address issues and we regularly use them for improvements and innovation. Our long term partnerships has resulted in excellent pricing and service standards.
We also constantly look for good suppliers to supplement our approved supplier base and often add suppliers we have found through benchmarking exercises, when assessing Customer suppliers and scopes of service.


Our industry has a poor reputation when it comes to being trusted by Customers. That’s why we value our integrity and our strong moral principles in the way we work with you in transparency and openness is key to building a relationship of trust and permeates with everyone we deal with in the supply process. FISco is owned by the management, with no funding repayment pressures, so we don’t have to “cut corners” and if we don’t satisfy your needs as a Client, we take it personally. This helps explain why our Customer retention rate is the highest in the industry. You also deal with the same FISco people because our Customers like to deal with the “regulars”.
In 2015 FISco were awarded SME of the Year, testimony to the achievement and recognition of our peers and our management team’s fifth award.

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